When Do You Complete a Level?

Are you wondering if you should move to the next level - or stay longer in the level that you are currently at?

These are the things to look for before you move on to the next level.

1. You should have completed each learning objective of the level
If you are able to play every scale, exercise and piece in the fastest play-along speed available, you will most likely have fulfilled each learning objective.

You can find the  learning objectives stated in the course overview and last lesson of each level.

2. You can confidently play every exercise, scale and piece of the level
Make sure to practice every exercise until you can play along correctly with our fast play-along

Our violin method is designed to teach you all fundamental skills needed to learn to play the violin beautifully. Every lesson in the lessons has a specific learning objective. That is why it is important to never skip an exercise.

Sometimes you might not need the skills you acquire in an exercise in the level right away. Often our exercises or scales are preparing you for the levels ahead. 

Even if it is not always visible on the student's side, every exercise is designed with a specific learning goal in mind. Here are a few examples of the learning goals behind our Academy Learning System:

If you can play the exercises, scales and pieces correctly, you will automatically have fulfilled each learning goal.

If you never skip an exercise, you will be well prepared for all the levels that are coming up. 

3. Ask for advice in a feedback video
If you are in doubt if you should stay in a level for a while, or move to the next level, upload a feedback video for a review of your teacher.

In your feedback video, ask your teacher if they believe you are ready to move on to the next level.

You can do that by entering your question into the submission form:
"Am I ready to move on to the next level, or do you advise me to stay in this level for a while?"

If a teacher advises you to move to the next level, it means all your learning objectives of the levels are fulfilled. 

Note: sometimes you can move to the next level, but your teacher will still give you feedback on how to improve your violin skills. That means that you fulfilled the learning objectives of the current level - you can  keep working on your points of feedback in the next level.

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