Original Sound: Improving Your Audio Quality on Zoom for Live Recitals

In preparation for recitals, we recommend to adjust your Zoom settings to get the best audio quality possible.

Zoom treats loud music as background noise and tries to mute it. That means that when we talk on zoom it sounds good, but when we play the violin, the sound gets distorted.To get a good sound on a Zoom recital, please follow the following steps:

Start by opening the Zoom application on your desktop.

1. Click  settings

2. Choose  audio

3. Uncheck the box "automatically adjust volume"

4. Check the boxes: "automatically join audio ..." and "mute my microphone ..."

5. Choose  advanced.

6. Click "allow in meeting option to "Enable original sound from microphone"

7. Enter a Zoom meeting. Check if you see the setting "Turn on original sound" appear.

If you see the setting appear, everything worked out perfectly. Happy performing!

If you're using your the mobile version of Zoom (Android or iOS), you'll find the option here: 

1. Click on Settings

2. Click on Meeting

3. Scroll down below until you'll find the option "Use original Sound".

4. This toggle must be turned on.

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