How Can I Get Certification?

Julia's Violin Academy offers certificates each time you finish a course.

Example of a certificate:

To finish a course and receive a certificate, simply mark each lesson in that course as complete:

Each time you mark a lesson as complete, a check mark will appear nothing that you have completed that lesson.

Complete all checkmarks and you will receive a certificate.

Places where you can find your certificates:

There are two places in Julia's Violin Academy where you can quickly access and download certificates for completed courses.

1. In the 'Your Progress' page

Just head over to the 'Your Progress' page found here:

And then click the Certificate Icon (boxed in RED) to access the certificate for the completed course.

2. Above each completed course

Alternatively, above each completed course you will see an option to download the certificate for that course.

For an example below, a completed course in Improver Level 1.

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