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Home Page

This is what you will see when you login to Julia's Violin Academy. Areas outlined in red are explained below.

Top Search Box

At the top of the site you will see a search box:

Hover your mouse over the search box and click inside the box to begin typing in what you are searching for. You can sSearch lessons, songs, resources, feedback posts, and more and more!

Daily Events

At the center of the site you will see the daily events:

Important announcements such as new courses, events, updates and the next LIVE Practice Sprints are featured in the main home screen, a slideshow will automatically start showing you the important announcements or you can also choose to click on the dots to cycle though them. 

On the right-hand side there will be a countdown timer showing the next LIVE practice sprint: 

When a practice sprint is ONGOING/LIVE the countdown timer will show a message saying something like (“ a practice sprint is ongoing, click here to join”).
And below it is the practice sprint mentioned, you can click the practice sprint for that day to see further details about it or you can click " View More..." and it will take you to the events page.

Left Sidebar Navigation

On the left-hand side of you screen you will see these icons: 


Dashboard - Important announcements such as new courses, events, updates and the next LIVE Practice Sprints are on the Dashboard page. If you scroll down further you will see an overview of the latest feedback videos, the academy levels, member of the month, upcoming releases as well as a link to our wishing well page.


Academy - The Academy page is where you will choose the course that best matches your skill level. Clicking on "Academy" will introduce you to the main academy page. Where you will be given an overview on the next-steps moving forward via Julia's Orientation Video. You can also choose to click directly on either, Basics, Beginner, Improver or Intermediate.

Song Library

Song Library - The Song Library page is where you can easily find all the songs featured throughout each course in Julia's Violin Academy. You will have access to the songs, sheet music and the sheet music (easy tabs).


Feedback - The Feedback page is where you be inspired and learn from others or watch your feedback videos. Here you can view personalized feedback on specific pieces and lessons throughout the academy. 


Resources - The Resources page is where you will find all resources intended to help you learn the violin. Such as, 1) All recordings of the live classes that took place at Julia’s Violin Academy, 2) Intonation Software, to help you learn to play in tune and the 3) Member of the Month.


Community - One of the best features of Julia's Violin Academy is the community! We’re a violin community that helps and supports each other every step along the way – no matter if we’re absolute beginners or advanced players. The community page has an overview of our community guidelines and a link to our private community group.


Events - On the Events page you will be able to view the events for the day, week and month. You can also view upcoming & past events. Events can be viewed in a variety of ways. Via List, Month or Day.


Extras - The Extras page is where you will find additional helpful resources such as our wishing well and help center. And also our special seasonal events such as our ongoing challenges and virtual orchestra.

Chat Button

Chat Button - The Chat Button is always available throughout Julia's Violin Academy. You can instantly find answers to your questions by using the search function of the chat button. And if you wish for any help along the way or have questions, don’t hesitate to write us anytime using the Ask option. We're always happy to assist you!

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