How to Use the Practice Plan

After you've figured out your learning stage, you are ready to set up your practice plan!

In your practice plan you can check the boxes of the exercises you practiced and track how close you are to reaching your level goal.

The practice plan can be filled out as a fillable PDF. Also it can easily be printed, if you prefer to fill it out on paper.


Step 1

Fill out the date in the date column:

Step 2

Then choose the specified amount of grey, red, blue and yellow exercises to practice each day. 

Step 3

Take around 5 minutes to practice each exercise and at least 10 minutes to practice each song. If you’ve practiced an exercise, check the checkbox of the exercise. 


If you have practiced every exercise & song for at least 15 times and if you feel confident performing them, you successfully completed the course level. 

And then you are ready to move on to the next level.

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