What level should I start at?

To find out what the best level is to get started, you can follow the following steps:

Step 1

Your answer to the situations below corresponds with what level you should start at.

Situation 1 - You just got started with violin learning and you can play for a while but actually, you have no idea how to hold the bow or the violin and you are not sure if your posture is correct. 

You just unpacked your first violin  - and never tried it before.

You might have played the violin as a child, but don't remember exactly how to hold the instrument or what the correct bow hold is.*

Is this something you can relate with?

If your answer is Yes then you should start at the Basics Level

*In case you already played the violin as a child, you will move through the first levels of the Academy faster. Still we recommend to start at the beginning, to make sure to re-start with a proper foundation.

Situation 2 - You been dabbling around and trying some random songs on YouTube BUT you haven’t ever learned the proper skills and technique with a violin method.

Is this something you can relate with?

If your answer is  Yes then you should start at the Beginner Level

Situation 3 - You feel confident playing in first position - with correct intonation and straight bowing. You are familiar with playing slurs and detached notes on one bow stroke - both across strings and on one strings.

Possibly you have learned with a violin method before, like the Suzuki method. In case of the Suzuki method, you have almost finished book 1 or just started practicing with book 2.

You may know quite a few songs, play quite well in first position, but feel stuck and feel that you are not learning anything new.

Is this something you can relate with?

If your answer is  Yes then you should start at the Improver Level

Situation 4 - You are good at playing in first position - both with correct intonation and smooth bowing.

You are familiar with the following bowing techniques and can play them properly on the violin:

  • Martelé bow strokes
  • Upbow and downbow stacatto
  • Quick sixteenth notes (with smooth bowing from the wrist)
  • Basic double stops 

You have been practicing the violin for at least 1 year, but possibly even much longer, and want to bring your playing to the next level.

You might have started with vibrato and third position, but don't feel a 100% confident yet with both of these techniques.

If you have practiced with the Suzuki method, you probably are (or quit) around the third book.

Is this something you can relate with?

If your answer is  Yes then you should start at the Intermediate Level

Are you still unsure with which level to get started?

In that case, following the following step.

Step 2

Upload a feedback video to the feedback section of the Academy.

This way our teachers can directly see and hear how you play and better make an accurate estimation of your level.

You can upload your video on the following page:

► https://m.violinspiration.com/get-feedback/

In the field "Any specific questions that you want us to answer in her video?", please fill in: "Please let me know in which Academy level to get started"

In this feedback video, please play the following excerpts:

1. One scale or arpeggio on your level

In case of doubt which scale is appropriate, I recommend to play the G Major Scale. 

If you are doubting between the Improver and Intermediate level, please play the G Major scale with:

  • 2-Note, 3-Note and 4-Note Slurs
  • Martele / Up- and Downbow staccato

for our best estimation.

You can find an explanation of the G Major scale over here: ► https://m.violinspiration.com/lessons/the-g-major-scale/

2. One recent repertoire piece you have practiced

Play a song, in the same video, in which you play a piece you recently practiced.

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