How to Join a Live Event / Practice Sprint

It's quite simple to join a Live Event / Practice Sprint.

Step 1

Go to the Events page where you will be able to view the events for the week and month. 

Once on the events page you can search for an event using the search box or simply click an event on the calendar.

You can also view upcoming & past events in a variety of ways. Via List , Month or Week

Sample of List View

Sample of  Week View

Step 2

Click on the Event that you want to join

Next, Scroll down on the event that you have chosen until you find a button “JOIN HERE

Click the button, wait for Zoom to pop-up and appear (see images below), and you're good to go!

For first time Zoom users

If you have not yet used Zoom before, after clicking  JOIN HERE  follow the steps below.

Step 1

Wait for to Zoom to open and load

Step 2

When Zoom asks to be opened, click Allow.

Step 3

Zoom will now being to connect, just wait for a few seconds and you're good to go!

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