Video Problems (sound, speed, slow loading)

All of the videos used for our lessons and courses are hosted on Vimeo, a world class video hosting platform used by the world's biggest brands.

If you're having trouble streaming these videos, it's likely not due to a problem with Vimeo. Let's take a look at some likely causes...

Follow this video troubleshooting guide

If you can't hear anything (and your computer speakers are on or your headset is connected) check that the volume control on the video player is turned all the way up. Just click the far right of the volume controls until they're all blue-green (see below).

If the video is not streaming smoothly (stops and starts or freezes) it's most likely that you have an internet bandwidth issue. 

To compensate for your slower internet, make sure to stop other streaming in your house (Netflix, Spotify, large downloads).

If you're on a mobile device, make sure you're using WiFi and not cellular data.

Experiencing blurry or poor quality video?Vimeo videos will automatically adjust quality for your internet bandwidth. If your video is blurry or poor quality, this is what's happening. You can override this by clicking the gear icon in the lower right-hand corner of any video and selecting a higher quality.

Want to make the video slower or faster?

Julia's Violin Academy lessons let you choose between slow, medium, and fast play-along videos, but if you want it even slower, you can do that! Just click the lower right-hand corner gear icon on any video and change the speed. See the above image.

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